Hi! My name is Raimonds

I'm remote developer and I'm focused on backend and frontend.

Website development - PHP (Laravel), ColdFusion, AJAX, JSON, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and Javascript (Ember), Automated script writing.

System administration - Installing and configuring software, hardware and networks. Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues. Ensuring security and efficiency of IT infrastructure.

Creating and querying relational databases with SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL.

I can make different automation scripts with powershell, bash like remote CPU, RAM utilization. Information synchronization with cloud and other cool features.

Projects/work experience


Undertaking different advanced tasks. Developing features like push to cloud using Laravel queues, Monitoring actions with websockets, speech to text app with Electron.js. Often working with REST API. Implementing database replication...

Technologies used

PHP, Laravel framework, HTML, CSS, Ember.js, JS, Electron.js.

Action monitoring

Ascribe app 1st pic.

Ascribe app 2nd pic.

Lets Chat

Currently developing chat application "Lets Chat" with Laravel, laravel-echo-server, Ember.js.

Technologies used

PHP, Laravel framework, HTML, CSS, Ember.js.


Support company with an everyday system and networking issues. In parallel developing websites with – Coldfusion (from Adobe), Lucee, SQL server. Websites like small e-commerce pc parts shop with payment, cart, admin page, live chat features. PC performance monitoring scripts with Powershell. AWS EC2, S3 integration with Powershell.

Technologies used

ColdFusion/Fw1/Lucee, HTML/HTML5, CSS, lot of Ajax, SQL Server, Powershell, jQuery.


Megakit is responsive website that I have built to learn how responsiveness works.

Technologies used

HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Megakit Website

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